Rottweiler Dog is the primary keyword for this page wherein you will Place rottweiler dog page content here, write a 800 word essay all about the subject, USING the checklist I shared with you called “Copy of Article Order Form Rottweiler Dog”,

THEN use the yoast page editor to write in so you can see the readability score and other metrics changing as you go.

Research the relevant secondary keywords in the google keyword tool the main keyword for this page to enter into the keyword tool is “Rottweiler Dog” find the top 50 most relevant keywords to this keyword and use the ones that make sense in your essay,

once done and it passes yoast readability and keyword scores, and you have checked the checklist, then publish it on this page along with 5 or so copyright free images,  All images should also be SEO’d as discussed.

these primary category pages are good to take your time with as they will form the basis for a proper structured and seo’d website, 

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